Road 97, Södra Sunderbyn–Sävast, 2+1 dual carriageway

The project aimed at increasing traffic safety and service level between Södra Sunderbyn and Sävast has begun. The stretch will be rebuilt into a 2+1 dual carriageway. The work began in March 2020 and will be completed by autumn 2022. At that time, the entire stretch between Luleå and Boden will be a dual carriageway.

While rebuilding the 12-kilometre long stretch we will do the following:
*Widen the road along most of the stretch
*Build a central divider
*Build three new junctions: Norra Sunderbyn, Sävastnäs and Sävastön
*Build a new parallel road network alongside road 97
*Close approximately 70 at-grade junctions with road 97
*Build three grade-separated routes for outdoor activities
*Build new, safer bus stops
*Build noise barriers

You can follow the progress of construction in the journal on the website of the Swedish Transport Administration. We update and add new information to it weekly. (in Swedish)

Civil engineering and road construction Civil engineering and road construction

GRK Infra AB

Contractor's project manager

Per Olofsson +46 70 530 07 13


Swedish Transport Administration

Contract time

11/2019 - 09/2022

Contract price

459 MSEK

Contract form

General Construction Contract