A responsible pioneer in efficient infrastructure construction

Value creation

Corporate sustainability is a natural part of GRK’s strategy and vision to be a pioneer in infrastructure construction. We want to promote sustainability together with our customers and partners and support their climate goals.

The life cycle of infrastructure can be decades or even over a hundred years, so our operations have a long-lasting impact on the surrounding society. In addition to high-quality and safe construction work, the positive effects are reflected in the functionality of the finished infrastructure. These include built and maintained road and rail networks as well as systems of utility networks and services. The development of industry practices and new solutions in line with the circular economy, as well as employment and tax payments, will also have positive effects. The negative effects, on the other hand, are the use of raw materials and materials, energy consumption and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. As a pioneer in the industry, we strive to increase our positive hand print while minimizing negative impacts.