Tiit Roben appointed as CEO of Estonian subsidiary GRK Eesti AS

GRK’s Board have appointed Tiit Roben as CEO of the Estonian subsidiary GRK Eesti AS. He will assume his position on 13 September 2023. Roben will also become a Member of GRK Group’s management team and a Member of the Board of GRK Eesti AS.

Tiit Roben M.Sc.(Civ.Eng.) has extensive experience of construction management as well as board and consulting tasks. Roben has served, for example, as Chairman of the Management Board of AS Merko Ehitus and Senior Advisor of AS EGE Ehitus and AS Infortar. During his career, he has participated in several of Estonia’s most significant construction projects.

The current CEO of GRK Eesti AS, Priit Paabo, will leave the company on 29 August 2023.

GRK Group’s Estonian subsidiary has established its operations as a significant infrastructure sector company in Estonia. GRK Group’s revenue in 2022 increased to EUR 450.5 millions, of which Estonia’s share was 11%, i.e. approximately EUR 50 million.

“GRK Eesti AS operates in all areas of infrastructure construction in Estonia, where the company has several significant on-going projects. Tiit Roben is well positioned to start leading the business operations in Estonia. We are aiming at profitable growth in Estonia, and we see Estonia’s major railway projects in the coming years as special opportunities,” says GRK’s CEO Juha Toimela.

The Estonian rail network is currently being modernised. Rail Baltica’s first projects are also underway. Rail Baltica is an important traffic project where, with support from the EU, a railway connection is being built through the Baltic countries from Tallinn to Poland.

“GRK is one of the leading infrastructure sector operators in Finland, but the significance of Estonia’s business operations for GRK is continuously growing. In Estonia, we have a positive situation in terms of orders, as we have won two major railway projects with a total value of more than EUR 100 million in Estonia this spring,” says Toimela.

GRK was selected to implement the first significant step towards electrifying Estonia’s railway lines in the Aegviidu-Tapa-Tartu trackway section in February. In April, Rail Baltica Estonia selected GRK to construct the new Ülemiste railway station area and its surrounding area in Tallinn for the upcoming passenger terminal.