The most versatile infrastructure sector operator

Our vision is that in 2025, GRK will be the most versatile company in the
infrastructure sector that grows profitably, is a forerunner in sustainable
construction and has the most dedicated team

The Group’s updated strategy for 2023–2025

The strategy was updated mainly due to geopolitical changes and the weakening of the economic outlook, but megatrends were also examined. It was perceived that the economy will decline in the next few years and the price of energy will be high. At the same time, road investments will decline in Finland and Estonia, but increase in Sweden. In addition, sustainability criteria are becoming increasingly important, and investments in renewable energy are increasing.

Financial targets have been updated along with the new strategy, and profitability is pursued instead of a significant growth leap

Choices and methods of GRK’s strategy in 2023–2025

Aim for 2025

GRK measures the success of its strategy by monitoring the following targets, which the company aims to achieve by the end of 2025 at the latest.