Rail construction

From design to
construction and maintenance

Our versatile rail construction services cover the entire life cycle of rail construction in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.


Our design unit produces high-quality plans for customers and our own projects. Our areas of expertise cover designs and plans for technical systems for railways, metro lines and trams. We will provide you with plans for track electrification, safety equipment and demanding structural objects, from foundations to telecom tower structures (FISE certification grade V +). We carry out the design as our own project or as part of another contract. In both cases, we operate dynamically, taking into account all aspects of the project.

We implement the plans with modern tools and proactively develop design software according to customer needs. We are also actively developing data model-based design to help with electrical track and safety device design. Our other design services include foundation, steel structure and track sign design.


We work on railways, subway lines and trams. We construct new projects and implement renovation construction projects for track electrification, safety equipment and traffic control, as well as pavement and special structures. We have decades of experience in construction projects all over Finland. Our installers are industry experts, and we have extensive subcontracting agreements that ensure the quality of the work also at the end of the supply chain.


Our service offering also covers rail network maintenance. We have offices all over Finland, enabling efficient maintenance and damage repairs with a fast response time. We have a wide range of equipment from rail machines to work trains, with which we carry out large and small repairs. GRK’s maintenance agreements include the electric track and high-current systems in the maintenance area of Western Finland and the maintenance of the track and safety equipment in the maintenance area of Southern Finland.