Improvement of Ring Road I, Laajalahti

Project information

Contact person Teemu Palosaari +358 500 888 297
Client Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and City of Espoo
Project period
  • 10/2019 - 09/2021
Address Sakkolantie 1, Espoo, Finland

The project aims to improve the flow and safety of the traffic at Ring Road I and enable the implementation of the Jokeri Light Rail tracks in its immediate vicinity. In Laajalahti, the changes require modification of the terrain and reorganisation of street connections. A new interchange at Laajalahti will be built at the peat bogs, which will also improve the functionality of the street connections connected to the Jokeri Light Rail. Ring Road I will also be cut at Laajalahti and Ruukinranta to a maximum depth of about 7 metres so that the rail connection can be crossed at a different level of Ring Road I at the Kurkijoentie junction.

During the project, traffic light-controlled junctions that have congested traffic will be removed and noise barriers will be built for about 1.4 km. Pedestrian and bicycle way connections will also be built along Ring Road I.