Highway 4 improvement between Hartola and Oravakivensalmi

The site is located on highway 4 between Hartola and Joutsa. The main goal of the project is to improve the trafficability and traffic safety of the highway over a distance of 12 kilometres. This is the last part of a larger highway 4 improvement project between Lusi and Vaajakoski.

During the project, the highway is widened mainly to the existing off-road corridor and also a new medium-rail bypass section will be built for the new location line. In addition, a total of approximately 200,000 m2 of groundwater protection, noise barriers, lighting and game fencing will be built on a nine-kilometre road section, and the highway connection arrangements will be improved by pruning and building new private road junctions.

In the early stages of the contract, the Finnish Heritage Agency will carry out archaeological excavations in the ancient monument areas in the project area in parallel with the construction work.

Civil engineering and road construction Civil engineering and road construction
Paving Paving

GRK Suomi Oy

Contractor's project manager

Markku Hokkanen +358 500 561 906


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Contract time

03/2021 - 09/2023

Contract price

16 M€

Contract form

Design and build contract with a development phase


Valtatie 2588, Hartola, Finland