Finnoo station construction contract RU21

The construction site is located in Finnoo, Espoo, in an area that does not yet have any residential buildings. The construction site will mainly be located in rock that has been excavated in the previous excavation contract. The RU21 contract will include the construction of an underground station in Finnoo, a service tunnel and the tunnel facilities of the associated connecting tunnels, civil protection and the Meritie entrance, the Finnoonsilla bridge entrance, the eastern and northern technical shaft and the firefighting shaft. The area of the premises to be built is approximately 22,000 m2. A total of approximately 11,000 m3 of concrete will be poured into the contract area and more than 4,000 m2 of various elements will be installed.

The boundary of the contract area underground changes during the contract. The RU21 contractor must coordinate and phase out its work at least with RU27 and the signal box equipment contract, as well as with HSY’s sewer excavation and construction contract. The construction of all construction sites is part of the contract (water, sewage, electricity, lighting, telecommunications connections, fencing of the areas and equipping of fences with access and remote opening escalators). The construction sites serve as a base for RU21 and its sub- and side contracts. The above-ground contract area includes off-site pipe and cable routing to the connection points with trenches and possible boreholes as well as leveling excavations. The above-ground works at the site are normal construction work for the metro station and the entrance shafts, as well as the construction of their surroundings. The work to be done underground is the construction of a metro station and shafts and related technical facilities.

Project information

Contact person Vesa Noutia +358 400 974 516
Client Länsimetro Oy
Project period
  • 09/2018 - 05/2022