Safety first

Our strategic goal is to have the best expertise. This is why it is important for us to attract and keep the most skilled workers in our house.

We aim to operate accident-free, and we systematically improve our safety performance.


Our employees work in a wide range of jobs, so the occupational health and safety risks vary. Safety is our number one priority, and we will not compromise on it under any circumstances.

Proper instructions, compliance with them, safe equipment and the use of protective equipment contribute to accident-free working. We monitor compliance with safety requirements on our sites, and the requirements that apply to our own employees also apply to our partners.

GRK has carried out long-term safety work for several years. The goal of the strategy period is to get the accident frequency rate below 5. The accident frequency rate
describes the number of accidents causing sick leave per one million hours worked.

GRK has succeeded in decreasing the accident frequency rate for several years by introducing and developing predictive safety tools and by strengthening the use of existing good practices.

In the next few years, GRK will strengthen the management of basic safety issues, develop the consideration of safety in all operations, train our in-house personnel in the competence and consideration of safety, quality and environmental issues and develop the operating model for rewarding safety.

We also extended the monitoring of safety observations to all our sites and their number has been successfully increased.

Occupational health

Our employees have access to a comprehensive range of occupational health care services, as well as health insurance. We take active steps to maintain the working capacity of our staff. The main risks to working capacity tend to come from physically demanding jobs, but mental health challenges are also increasingly proving to be a cause of sick leave.

We encourage employees to report their situation as early as possible so that we can provide expert help.

Attractive employer

GRK’s success is based on the diverse skills of its staff and their continuous development. Complex infrastructure projects require managing their entire lifecycle, from tender calculation to resourcing and scheduling, management and implementation in a cost-effective way that meets customer requirements. The development of the sector also requires the introduction of new ways of working and, in particular, more effective use of new technologies and digitalization.

We keep our staff’s skills up to date and design training courses to meet the needs of the company as a whole and the individual needs of each employee. Sectoral legislation requires that those who execute projects have certain qualifications, for example in the field of occupational safety. We ensure the qualifications of our employees by using external trainers, for example for training in occupational and railway safety.

A desired workplace

Labour shortages are plaguing infrastructure companies in Finland, Sweden and Estonia and, in particular, there is a shortage of production workers. Thanks in part to its reputation of being a good employer, GRK has been reasonably successful in retaining its staff and recruiting skilled employees.

The company is a desirable and sought-after place to work, offering a competitive and motivating salary. However, succeeding in the competition for talent requires continuous development.

We offer a significant number of internships each year

Every summer, GRK offers internships to students – both those who have just started their studies and those who have gone further. In the summertime, GRK has interns up to 10 percent of GRK’s entire workforce. In the summer of 2022, we offered an internship to a record number of new talent. Almost 90 interns worked in GRK’s various functions during the summer.