GRK:n urakka Ruotissa. Tie.

Net impacts on society

GRK has assessed its societal impact using the Upright net impact model. Based on artificial intelligence, scientific research and public databases, the model measures
and benchmarks the positive and negative net impacts of companies’ core operations in the framework of four dimensions: the environment, health, society and
knowledge. In practice, the net impact quantifies the benefits and negative impacts caused by the company and assesses whether the company creates more value than it uses

Based on Upright’s analysis, GRK is a net neutral

The Upright model focuses not only on the construction phase but also the more extensive impacts of the environment built by GRK on society.

GRK has impacts on society in all of the four categories. GRK’s most important positive impacts are on society, knowledge and health. GRK’s significant impact on society
is through the infrastructure it builds.

Nearly all business operations have positive impacts on society, as GRK’s operations are needed for the very sake of the modern society and functioning and people being able to move from one place to another on roads or tracks.

The negative impacts particularly include environmental aspects, such as the use of raw materials, consumption of energy and emissions and waste resulting from operations. Therefore, we take several environmental measures to mitigate these negative impacts.

Examples of GRK’s impacts on society, knowledge,
health and environment