GRK Rail AB to supply the ERTMS signalling system for the Arctic Circle control area

The Swedish Transport Administration has selected GRK Infra AB and GRK Rail AB as suppliers of the new ERTMS signalling system for the Arctic Circle and Kiruna 2 control areas. The project encompasses the tracks, electric power, signalling and telecommunications installation. Construction began in late 2020 and will run through 2022, with deployment scheduled for 2023.

“ERTMS is an important national program, and we at GRK Rail are proud to be part of it,” says Anneliina Kupiainen, CEO of GRK Rail AB. “This is a great start for our railway operations in Sweden,” says Timo Virmala, CEO of GRK Rail Oy.

ERTMS in brief:

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is a signalling system for railways in the EU, which will be deployed in the Member States. The system helps control railway traffic and make it safer. After the completion of the project, railways will have a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. The Swedish Transport Administration is in charge of the system’s deployment on Swedish railways. The ERTMS will make operations more reliable, improving the punctuality of trains. Maintenance will also become more efficient thanks to the higher degree of digitalisation, as well as the use of fewer and more standardised components. Digitalisation enables the introduction of new functions, including automated support for train drivers, real-time control and proactive supervision.  Source: The Swedish Transport Administration