GRK and Neste working together to reduce emissions on construction sites

‒ renewable fuel oil to be introduced on the first construction sites in Finland

Finnish construction group GRK will switch to using Neste’s low-emission solutions (Neste MY renewable fuel oil and Neste MY renewable diesel) in its construction machinery. GRK is the first infrastructure company in Finland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using Neste’s renewable fuel oil, introduced to the market in January 2021, in their construction machinery.

Climate change is a global challenge. In addition to the energy and transport sectors, the construction sector plays a key role in altering the direction of climate change since machinery and transport vehicles used on construction sites account for a significant share of all carbon emissions. Carbon emissions from the use of light fuel oil and diesel account for more than 90% of the emissions from infrastructure construction sites and transportation in Finland.

At GRK, we do not waste time, so it was crucial to find a good solution that gives us tangible results fast. Switching to renewable fuel oil and diesel for construction machinery as well as company and production vehicles are important steps in GRK’s journey towards a lower carbon footprint. Therefore, it is great that we found such an excellent, renewable solution from Neste,” says Riina Rantsi, Business Development Director at GRK Infra Oy.

Renewable fuel oil is a new solution for reducing emissions

The Neste renewable fuel oil produced from 100% renewable raw materials is a new solution for reducing the carbon footprint of heavy equipment, heating and industry.

“GRK’s low-carbon sites in southern Finland, defined by the contractors and, where applicable, sites further north, will switch to renewable fuel oil.  Renewable diesel will replace fossil diesel in all of GRK’s diesel-powered company and production vehicles in Finland,” explains Rantsi.

“We are committed to reducing our clients’ yearly greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Renewable fuel oil is a new solution alongside the renewable diesel that has already been used in road transport. With either of the products, a company can reduce its own lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%* compared to fossil diesel and fuel oil use. We are delighted to work with GRK and to contribute to emission reductions in infrastructure projects,” says Joni Pihlström, Vice President, Marketing & Services, B2B Sales at Neste, Finland.

The effect of renewable fuel on GRK’s carbon footprint will be monitored in the future by using new calculation tools. The aim is to make concrete observations about the reduction of emissions on the sites.

*)The method for calculating lifecycle emissions and emission reductions is in line with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EY).

Further information:
Riina Rantsi, Business Development Director, +358 40 725 8999,
Joni Pihlström, Vice President, Marketing & Services, B2B Sales at Neste, Finland. Please contact Neste’s media service, tel. +358 50 458 5076 / (weekdays from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.(EET)).