Civil engineering and road construction

Versatile expertise

We offer a wide range of civil engineering services. Our services cover municipal engineering construction, concrete, steel and composite structures, foundation construction as well as industrial construction. We are specialized in demanding bridge construction work, including over-water and railway bridges.

We carry out road and street construction projects and the improvement of existing roads from access roads to motorways with proven efficiency. Our services also fully cover area-related regional construction.

Industrial construction

We implement diverse construction projects in cooperation with industrial customers. Our operations include the production of process piping for industrial plants, massive cast-in-place structures, prefabricated buildings and regional construction in the area of the operating plant, as well as the renovation of structures inside the plant. We work closely with the developer as well as other project partners. We have a flexible approach to projects, and we pay special attention to the smooth progress of the project for the client.

Concrete, steel and composite structures

In addition to bridge structures, we also carry out other civil structures and repairs. We are specialized in demanding bridge construction work, including over-water and railway bridges. Our bridge construction sites are located on nationally significant waterways at the junctions of traffic flows. Technically challenging projects are implemented with solid experience. Construction methods are selected according to the site, and risk management is ensured.

Energy construction

GRK is able to implement the complete whole of the wind power infrastructure for the customer, i.e. the so-called Full BoP (Balance of Plant). In practice, this covers all the infrastructure to be built in the wind farm, with the exception of the wind farm itself. Only a few companies in Finland are able to do this.

Foundation construction 

An essential part of our construction projects is high-quality foundation construction, including foundations, excavations, supports and excavation work, for example. Foundation reinforcements such as piling, stabilizations and replacements of soil as well as lightening structures are included in our service package. The professional use of our own equipment guarantees the best result in all kinds of conditions.

Drill piling

We implement drill piling using different technologies as part of our infrastructure projects.

You can also order drilling piling work from us as a separate service. Our equipment is the latest technology and was developed especially for challenging Nordic ground conditions and demanding construction sites. Our long-term drilling piling professionals are responsible for carrying out the work.