Circular economy and environmental construction

Taking the environment into account

We offer a wide range of circular economy services to various industries and organic waste producers. We receive and handle waste and industrial by-products both at our own and our customers’ locations.

GRK offers circular economy services to various industries and waste producers. GRK carries out area building projects using recycled materials and, if necessary, takes care of additional planning and permit applications.

We handle mineral and organic fractions. We also supply refining products, such as recycled fuels and recycled building materials, also for off-site use. At the customer’s facilities, we perform processing services such as grading, crushing, baling, sorting and stabilization. According to the agreement, the manufactured processed products will remain available to either GRK or our customer. Reception takes place according to the capacity of each facility.

Metal recycling

GRK has had circular economy activities for several years. One part of the activities is metal recovery and recycling. In practice, GRK recovers e.g. unburnt metals left in the ash of the power plant from ordinary household waste energy utilisation, so that they can be delivered to metal smelters and reused.

GRK forwards the valuable alloy for processing and sends the new metal to its cs as a raw material. The production of metal is extremely energy intensive, and mines pollute the environment in numerous ways. For this reason, reusing metal raw materials is always worthwhile to save the environment.

Biochar production

GRK further strengthened its environmental business by introducing a new carbon-negative product, biochar, to the market.

We aim to make investments of approximately EUR 20 million in several plants by 2025. In addition to Finland, plants will be built in Estonia and Sweden.