A new leader for GRK to support the growth of the rail business

Laura Järvinen, an experienced professional in the rail sector, started working as the Executive Vice President of GRK Rail Oy on Monday, 7 February 2022.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Laura Järvinen has long and versatile experience in the field of rail transport. She has accumulated expertise in railway, tramway and metx§ro construction projects. Järvinen’s particular strength is her competence in safety device technology, railway safety, large projects and deployment. She also has solid experience in launching new services and businesses, strong performance and good managerial work.

“I am very pleased that we are getting this reinforcement in the management of our rail business. Järvinen’s achievements reflect her solid leadership experience and she brings excellent knowledge on railways to reinforce our already extensive expertise. I have known Järvinen for several years and I am convinced that she will fit in well with us,” says Mikko Nyhä, CEO of GRK Rail Oy.

Järvinen, who was awarded as Vuoden nuori johtaja (“Young leader of the year”) by the Junior Chamber International in Finland in 2017, will move on to GRK from her position as the Director of Track and Structures business unit at Sitowise Oy. She has also accumulated rail traffic and managerial experience as the planning manager of VR Track Oy’s expert groups and has experience from the planning and implementation of projects. In addition, she has worked at the Finnish Rail Administration as a senior inspector from the client’s perspective.

Järvinen sees GRK as a textbook example of an agile growth company that has a good atmosphere and an energetic spirit. “It is easy to jump into GRK’s operations and the strong foundation we already have provides good opportunities for growth and development,” says Järvinen. “I want to support GRK in profitable growth while strengthening GRK as a responsible employer and a reliable partner in future infrastructure projects.”

For more information, please contact
Mikko Nyhä, CEO, GRK Rail Oy, +358 40 863 0450, mikko.nyha@grk.fi
Laura Järvinen, Executive Vice President, GRK Rail Oy, +358 40 866 4959, laura.jarvinen@grk.fi