Saimaa canal railway bridges, RU4

The contract is part of the Luumäki–Imatra railway project. The contract includes the construction of a new railway bridge over the Saimaa canal and the renovation of the Pontus underpass. The contract will also include the construction of a new track straightening (electrified train track) for a distance of about two kilometres and noise protection along the new track. The new railway bridge over the Saimaa canal is a steel girder bridge (composite and concrete deck), with a total length of 185 metres. The Pontus railway bridge is a reinforced concrete continuous slab bridge with a total length of 52 metres. The project will build support walls related to bridges. The contract also includes the demolition of old bridges and track structures.

The in-situ casting structures of the bridges and supporting walls to be built includes about 4,800 m3rtr of ready-mixed concrete and about 800,000 kg of concrete reinforcement. The total number of steel structures in the composite bridge is about 1,100,000 kg. For the construction of the bridge, piled work bridges/levels are made during work.

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GRK Infra Oyj

Contractor's project manager

Antti Rämä 0400 503 286


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Contract time

08/2018 -

Contract price

18 M€

Contract form

General Construction Contract