Länsimetro, superstructure and third rail contract

The superstructure contract includes the construction of the metro track in tunnels. The contract consists of the supply of the backing layer of crushed stone and the installation of railway sleepers, tracks and switches. The purchase and installation of ground-borne noise insulation is also part of the superstructure contract. After installation, the rails are welded together to form a continuous rail, and the track is supported several times, ensuring a soft and smooth metro ride for future passengers. The contract includes the construction of the superstructure for 17.2 kilometres. In total, 42 switches will be installed, and a third rail will be built for the entire work area.

Rail construction Rail construction

GRK Suomi Oy

Contractor's project manager

Jani Sinkkonen +358 40 863 0385


Länsimetro Oy

Contract time

06/2020 - 04/2022

Contract price

15,5 M€

Contract form

General Construction Contract


Hyljetie 6, Espoo, Finland