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The versatile services of GRK Sverige AB cover all aspects of infrastructure construction in Sweden. We build roads, highways, bridges and tracks. GRK masters even the most demanding infrastructure technologies and manages projects of all sizes – regardless of the type of contract.

Our rail construction services cover the design and construction of all technical areas of rail transport: superstructure, electric tracks and safety equipment. We work in all types of contracts: main contractor and subcontractor, design and build, PPP and alliance models.

Occupational safety is the most important thing in our operations. Our services also include a protective tunnel that can be easily assembled and modified to protect railway traffic and technology in construction sites.

GRK Sverige AB’s operating system is certified as a management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

About our history

AB Infra Polar, established in Sweden in 2012 by GRK Infra Oy and Ab Tallqvist Oy, changed its name to GRK Infra AB in July 2018, when GRK Infra Oy acquired the company entirely.

The history of GRK Rail dates back to 1969 when Sähköradat Oy started the construction of the first rail electrifications in Finland. GRK acquired the track business in Finland in 2017 and decided to expand the business to the Swedish market in 2020 thus estalishing GRK Rail AB.

Until the beginning of 2023, GRK Infra AB and GRK Rail AB operated as separate companies in Sweden. With the changes in the organizational structure and the development of the operating model implemented in all GRK Group countries, the companies were merged into GRK Sverige AB.



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GRK Sverige AB

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