GRK Suomi Oy

We are one of the largest infrastructure builders in Finland.

Our versatile services covers all aspects of infrastructure construction in Finland. GRK Suomi Oy masters even the most demanding infrastructure technologies and manages contracts projects of all sizes – regardless of the type of contract.

Our business operations are divided into three areas, which are:

• Civil engineering and road construction & paving
• Rail business operations
• Environmental business operations

Civil engineering and road construction
We build roads, streets and community infrastructure, and we improve existing infrastructure. We specialise in demanding bridge construction work, including river and railway bridges. Our services cover all aspects of civil engineering, including concrete, steel and composite structures, foundations, industrial construction, bridge and tunnel construction and repair, as well as excavation, shoring and quarrying.

Our range of services includes asphalt paving of streets, roads and yards, resurfacing using various methods, asphalt paving repairs, road improvement works, pavement edge backfilling and related civil engineering works. We also do asphalt paving of yards and driveways, as well as landscaping and stone paving

Rail business operations
Our comprehensive rail construction services cover the entire life cycle of rail construction in Finland, We offer all services from design to construction and maintenance. Our design unit specialises in the design of technical systems for railways, metro lines and tramways. We carry out engineering design for track electrification, safety equipment and complex structural engineering projects, from foundations to telecommunication tower structures. We carry out new-build and renovation projects for track electrification, safety equipment, traffic management, pavement, substructures and special structures.

Environmental services
GRK’s environmental services business produces services in support of its own infrastructure construction as well as for the use of external operators. The environmental services cover the reception, processing and utilisation of several waste materials. GRK has 13 reception points in Finland, which are located between Helsinki and Oulu. The extensive network of facilities enables logistically efficient operations in Finland. We receive and process construction waste, waste incineration slug, industrial ash and other side streams, soil containing waste and nutrient-rich organic materials. Processed, exploitable materials are used at GRK’s own infrastructure construction sites and in environmental services’ projects or delivered to other operators..

Our operating system is certified as a management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We are also RALA-certified. More detailed information on the certificates and qualifications can be found on the website of the Construction Quality Association Our operations comply with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out and we require our suppliers to be part of Vastuu Group’s Reliable Partner service.



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GRK Suomi Oy

Business ID



+358 10 321 4110



Juha Toimela


Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa

Nuolitie 6, 01740 Vantaa

Postintaival 1, 00240 Helsinki

Jäspilänkatu 3, 04250 Kerava

Sysimiehenkatu 2, 10320 Raasepori

Rautatietori 6, 11130 Riihimäki

Ahjokatu 4, 15800 Lahti (postiosoite) / Mestarinkatu 12–14, 15800 Lahti (käyntiosoite)

Köydenpunojankatu 14–16, 20100 Turku

Haikanvuori 8, 33960 Pirkkala

Kiilatie 1, 40320 Jyväskylä

Verstaskatu 10, 45130 Kouvola

Pomonkatu 2, 50150 Mikkeli

Seponkatu 8, 53300 Lappeenranta

Puurtajantie 8, 60100 Seinäjoki

Teräskatu 2, 70150 Kuopio

Siikalammentie 4, 74300 Sonkajärvi

Alasintie 2, 80130 Joensuu

Takojantie 19, 85100 Kalajoki

Kasarminkatu 39, 87500 Kajaani

Kangaskontiontie 12 B 1, 90240 Oulu

Nurmijärven asfalttiasema, Hämeenlinnantie 55, 01940 Nurmijärvi

Jyväskylän asfalttiasema, Oravasaarentie 577, 40800 Jyväskylä

Kajaanin asfalttiasema, Ruuhijärventie 91, 87100 Kajaani

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