A forerunner in infrastructure construction

GRK is a Finnish construction group operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. We employ around 1 000 professionals and our revenue in 2021 was over 430 million euros. Our customers include the state administration, municipalities and cities, as well as the private sector. In addition, we work on several projects in cooperation with other companies in the infrastructure sector.

The GRK Group’s core competencies include the implementation of demanding infrastructure construction projects, project management of large projects and extensive railway track construction expertise. Infrastructure construction covers traffic route construction, special construction, environmental construction and industrial construction, and we provide all the necessary services from design to construction and maintenance.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in demanding infrastructure projects, and we have a clear vision of how to manage projects. With us leading their projects, our customers do not have to worry about anything. Thanks to our straightforward and agile approach, we are able to react quickly and deliver what we promise. The more challenging the project, the better it suits us.

Our values are

We aren’t afraid.
We do not shy away from work, challenges or decision-making. Instead, we go headfirst towards the unknown because we know we are excellent at what we do. The more challenging our customer’s site, the better it suits us.

We don’t waste time.
The secret to our success is straightforwardness – both in action and in speech. We are a large group, but we operate as flexibly and productively as when we were still a small player. For our customer, this is reflected in a quick response and smooth progress of work.

We don’t just go to work.
Work is more than just work for us. Entrepreneurship lives strong in us: we give our employees freedom and responsibilities as much as they can carry. Also the newcomers. We are proud of our work, and we are constantly improving our operations. For our customers, this attitude is reflected in more carefree contracts, and for our employees as a strong team spirit.