GRK Infra Oyj

Invoicing instructions

NB: As from 1 October 2022 GRK Infra Oyj is the parent company of the GRK Group. Only the administrative services have remained at GRK Infra Oyj. All construction business invoices should be sent to GRK Suomi Oy.


Information for our cooperation partners

As a part of the changes to the organisational structure, all GRK Infra Oyj’s construction business operation contracts have been transferred to GRK Suomi Oy. The contents of the contracts will remain the same, but the contract partner will change to a different company that is part of the GRK Group.

E-invoicing address: 003705337681
TYPE: EDI code
Operator: Maventa
Operator code: 003721291126

Note! If you send e-invoices from bank network our operator is Danske Bank (DABAFIHH).




Paper invoice
GRK Infra Oyj
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan


Invoices should include the following information:
– Work number (for example 110xxx/3000)
– First name and last name of the GRK contact person


Please send other posts to our office: GRK Infra Oyj, Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa, Finland

For more information on invoicing, please contact

Tia-Maria Espo
Accounting Assistant
+358 50 569 3032