History and present

GRK Infra Oy was founded by the legendary ground works constructor Armas Kallio in the town of Tuusula in 1983. The small family business focused on real estate purchases and development.

In 2007, the company expanded into infrastructure construction. By and by infrastructure became GRK’s main line of business. The central position of infrastructure construction became even more apparent in 2010. At that time, 21 key persons were hired, and they become also partial owners.

The year 2010 was especially significant on GRK’s road to its current strong position in the infrastructure construction market, which is more competitive than ever. That’s when a good many of the key person’s were hired, and several of them have been owners of the company right from the beginning as well.

In 2015, sales reached 135 million euros, and there were more than 150 people on the company payroll. In 2015, GRK focuses on both geographical expansion into everywhere in Finland and the north of Sweden, and into new types of construction projects, ones commissioned for example by heavy industry.

GRK subsidiaries and affiliates include GRK Infra As, which has operated in Estonia since 2014,  Ab Infra Polar, which has been focused on Swedish market since 2013, and Winco Oy, which has been competing on the Finnish railroad construction and maintenance markets since 2017.


Player of the future

GRK Infra Oy is one of the most important unlisted, privately owned infrastructure construction companies in Finland. The company branches, which span over all areas of infrastructure construction, complement each other and level out the impact of conjunctures. GRK masters the most demanding infrastructure techniques and contractor projects of all sizes – regardless of the type of project.

GRK invests in training its personnel and continuous development of its employees’ skills. Also, the company and its key persons expand and develop relentlessly their network of professionals with complementing competencies.

The GRK of the future is more strongly than ever a national infrastructure constructor that operates also in the other Nordic countries and near abroad, and that operates as an independent main contractor with an excellent network of sub-contractors. The company seeks customer satisfaction and modifies its operations to meet customer hopes and demands. All the while, the company is on the alert for innovative new methods to try out as well as new products that support company core operations in the various branches of infrastructure construction.